Alfresco Cafe Blinds

Alfresco cafe blinds allow you to expand the living areas of your home. Also known by other names such as outdoor patio binds, bistro blinds, cafe blinds and outdoor blinds for pergolas, alfresco blinds can help you enjoy life in your outdoor extension all year round.

Café blinds can be opened or closed in seconds, providing total weather protection to your outdoor area, giving shelter from the wind and rain during winter and UV protection in the summer.

Commercial Application
If you own a cafe, bistro or restaurant, you want to do everything to ensure that your guests are comfortable. Comfortable guests will be happier, stay longer and ultimately spend more! At Weather Shade Blinds Adelaide Our cafe blinds will help to keep your patrons warm in winter and cool in summer.

These blinds are available in both Clear PVC and Mesh

Zip up Blinds

Zip up blinds are a cost-effective way to transform and protect your outdoor living areas, making all-weather entertaining effortless. Our Zip up blinds are custom-made using heavy duty zips and reinforced edging for extra strength

They provide a weather barrier that, unlike fencing or walls, won’t obstruct your view. An extended flap at the bottom of the blind further reduces wind and rain penetration to practically zero, meaning you don’t have to worry about the elements.

Crank Lift System Blinds

Café style crank blinds are ideal for use where guides are not required or possible, or when the roof is free standing and no posts are available. These ‘straight drop’ fabric blinds consist of a top roller tube which can be wound up and down with a removable crank handle that clips into a control mechanism at one end or alternatively can be motorised.

Crank Handle Operated
This external blind is NOT spring loaded. You need to wind it up and down with the crank and handle. Once in place you can easily remove the handle. You only need one handle for several awnings. It gives you the ability to control the straight drop awning to where you want it to stop or how tight you want the fabric. Once the standard double dog clips are attached at the bottom you can tighten the fabric as you like. Crank-operated blinds are perfectly suited for covering large open areas. They have a unique ability to provide insulation while blocking out sunlight and enabling ventilation.

Weather Shade blinds Adelaide are perfect for enclosing pergolas, verandas, outdoor living areas or eating areas, café style crank blinds are the perfect solution to protect against the elements, with either clear PVC or increase privacy using Shade mesh.

PVC Blinds

PVC Blinds give you protection from the rain and wind whilst giving 100% visibility. It allows the natural light to enter your space whilst providing excellent insulation properties together with UV protection. Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential with this material.

The Benefits of PVC
The most obvious benefit of clear PVC blinds is that they are transparent, meaning that you can have a clear view of your outside area. However, plastic blinds also stop air and water, so this blind material finish is often used together with almost air-tight tracking systems which help enclose outdoor areas off, creating a makeshift room. Many people like to use heating elements to create a room they can use comfortably in the winter without getting too cold.

So if you are looking for PVC outdoor blinds for either home or business call Weather Shade Blinds Adelaide on 8326 8693

Shademesh Blinds

Mesh fabric helps to eliminate the wind, rain and sun. It is available in several different grades from a 90% to 98% block out. Cleaning and maintenance is easy with this fabric.

In contrast to Clear PVC blinds, Shade Mesh Outdoor Blinds offer a level of UV and sunlight protection. Most fabric options allow good visibility from the inside out whilst still providing a degree of privacy. Air moves through the fabric allowing heat to escape.

Although not 100% rain proof, shade mesh blinds will provide an element of protection against the rain. Light rain tends to hit the shade mesh and fall to the ground on the outside of the blind, the small proportion of water in a heavier rainfall that would make its way inside the perforations of the mesh don’t travel very far.